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     Well known for the programs Professional Management System and Professional Estimating, and the company's newest product, ProShop(SM) for Windows®, Computer Dynamics is the premier developer of software systems for the printing industry. The company also provides installation, training and on-going customer support. Founded in 1981 by Dale Brooks, former partner and production manager of TerryDale Printing, Computer Dynamics is located in Grimesland, North Carolina. From this location the company serves customers in Hawaii, Mexico, Washington State, the east coast from New England to Florida, and many points in between.

     Among its many innovations, Computer Dynamics was first in the industry to realize the need for and benefits of on-line paper costing information, pioneering the PC based Electronic Paper Price List and developing Zellerbach's Electronic Price Pak (also known as Paper Price List or PPL) and its interface to the company's print shop management software.

     Trade associations such as Printing Industries of America (PIA) and the National Association of Printers and Lithographers (NAPL) are emphatic in their recommendation to implement computer systems. Most of Computer Dynamics' new customers pay off their investment in ProShop(SM) software within months after installation through additional profits, time savings and reallocation of personnel hours.

     Hundreds of successful installations have earned Computer Dynamics one of the finest reputations in the industry for customer support.

     Computer Dynamics' first product, SuperQuote, was introduced in 1981 and fit on one 360K floppy disk. Since then over 90,000 hours have been invested in software development. Recommendations and change requests from customers and prospects have been incorporated. All the upgrade features added to the software are made available to customers through Computer Dynamics' Enhanced/Development and Support (EDS) program.

     A large utility selection allows so many different companies to use the same software package to meet their specific needs. With so many years in research and development, Computer Dynamics offers a complete package with ProShop(SM). Customers can select from an inventory of invoice styles, job tickets, quotation forms and shipping labels. There are hundreds of different utility choices for each customer. ProShop(SM) customization for individual customer's specifications is also available at very affordable rates.

     ProShop(SM) is modular and you can add to the basic purchase with enhancements including ProShop(SM) with Data Collection, or ProShop(SM) with Data Collection and Accounting.

Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of support do I receive after I purchase ProShop(SM)?

Each customer is assigned a personal consultant whose responsibility is to provide all the training and support needed. A modem connection is installed through which the personal consultant can phone into your computer system on request to train your personnel or trouble-shoot your software.

What are the hours for support?

Office hours are 9AM to 5PM Eastern Standard Time. However, each customer is given a twenty-four hour, seven day a week pager number in case of emergency. One of Computer Dynamics' support staff is always available to answer your questions about ProShop(SM).

How much does ProShop(SM) cost?

Customers are given a proposal according to their specific needs. While ProShop(SM) is, by all accounts, superior to competitive products it is priced as much as fifty percent less.