No hidden costs, no transaction fees! And you own it!

     As the age of the Internet engulfs each of us, everything we do is affected; we are no longer able to do business over the phone. We all need to have a dominating presence on the Internet. Being able to give your customer an estimate or to let them know the status of their job within minutes is no longer acceptable. Your customers want that warm feeling that comes when they are able to do something for themselves, such as entering the specifications for a job or filling in the information for their business cards all by themselves. With our Internet interface, you can give your customers that warm feeling.

     Computer Dynamics' e-Commerce and Internet interface package for ProShop Management System(SM) includes a variable data routine, request for quote, online proofing, online job tracking, online customer history, online inventory, and online ordering / reordering.

     With the variable data routine, your customers will be able to log on to your Web site and modify fields on forms you set up for them. One of the most common uses for this is business cards. For instance, you could set up a template allowing the customer to modify the name and e-mail address on the card. They could create an order with as many cards as they'd like. With the variable data and Web interface, the customer is able to view the proof online, download the proof and, when the order is placed, you get a PDF ready to output directly to film or plate. Now you don't have to wait for your prep department to get the proof to your CSR who, in turn, will send the proof to your customer, who will probably put the proof amongst the stack of papers on their desk until they get around it, and then they send the proof back two weeks after you had the job scheduled to go to the press. -Arrrgh!

     Can my customers give me all the specifications for a print order online? Now you can proudly answer,"Yes." With the request for quote module, your customers will be able to give you the specifications you need to produce an estimate that can be easily imported into ProShop Management System(SM). These include paper, ink colors, bindery requirements and, if they have any art work, they can easily attach the files. All this information follows in a logical order so the customer will not get mixed up and forget to give you any of the requirements that may lead to an erroneous estimate.