ProShop Estimating

Computer Dynamics' ProShop Management System core product is Estimating. This is where it all begins, and with speed and flexibility in hand, you’ll be able to give your customer or potential customer a quote within minutes.

ProShop Estimating is easy to follow with simple screens that use 'printer’s language', not 'computer language', with a step by step order entry process. Whenever possible, ProShop answers the obvious questions while allowing the user to override any incorrect assumptions. With interfaces to your custom stock menu, inventory, and paper vendors stock lists, it is quick and easy to enter paper information with the most accurate costing available.

Quoting 5 different quantities using pencil and paper can be very time consuming. With ProShop Estimating, you’ll be able to quote 5 quantities at once and present a quote to your customer with the different quantity options. Need more than 5? Simply clone the quote with a click of a button, change the quantities, and you are done. Sometimes customers simply aren’t sure what they want. Using ProShop this scenario is handled with ease. You can change stock, inks, ink counts, bindery options, and others with the click of a mouse.

Is your customer on the phone, waiting for a total quote price? With ProShop you can get your quote total in 7 screens or less, from start to finish. With a total screen that is easy to read, you can inform your customer of the total cost of the job per quantity. “What’s it cost to run another thousand?” This answer is simple also; ProShop provides the cost to run another thousand instantly.

ProShop Estimating is very flexible, both in the quote and out. Maybe your print shop doesn’t like to include tax in a quote, wants to use gross numbers for quoting, or maybe prefers to calculate minimum ink by pounds instead of dollars. This is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the flexibility of our software. With our Utilities screen, you can enable/disable calculation options, on screen display options, etc..

So what do you get out of ProShop Estimating & Order Entry? Beside accuracy, speed, and flexibility, you’ll also get neat, precise quote forms you can present to your customer. You’ll get a Customer Files module to store all of your customer’s information such as billing addresses, multiple shipping addresses, tax rates, commission rates for salespeople, discount/markup rates, and more. You’ll also have the ability print these details in easy to read reports, print mailing labels and more.

ProShop Estimating & Order Entry has a wide range of reporting capabilities. From the estimate or job you can print the quote form, the job ticket, a cost breakdown, a job cost recap, stock tickets, art/prepress details, proof tickets, delivery tickets and more. Want to print it all at once? With the click of a button, you can tell the system to print all or just some of the reports in one print run.

With the Retrieve Quote / Job Screen, you can search and retrieve quotes and jobs with speed and accuracy. ProShop offers several methods of searching for a quote or a job; Search for a total list of quotes or jobs by customer, record number, description, salesperson, or combine these for an even more detailed search. Want to see how many jobs you recorded this month? This year? Last year? Want to view all records? ProShop will display the number of records and can also print these records in a detailed report, giving you the total charge for the month.

Perhaps you would rather export the quote form, job ticket, or any other form? Every report in ProShop Management System has the ability to be exported! You can export into PDF, RTF, HTML, XLS, and more! After export, you can save the file or go directly to email.

Want to give ProShop a try? Click "Contact Us" to request a demo. We will send you fully functional software for you to try. We’ll provide demo data for you to run. You can even build your own equipment and costing perimeters into the demo and begin producing estimates. Take a peak at the fastest, most accurate, reasonably priced system on the market today!!

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