ProShop Management Group

ProShop Management System Junior Package is comprised of 10 modules designed to provide your print shop with various information. The Junior Package allows for Purchase Orders, Invoicing, Customer History, and more! Click each link to learn more!

The ProShop Junior package includes the following:

ProShop Management Group is comprised of six modules that allow you to check work in process, create purchase orders, and invoice jobs. With this information at your finger tips, it's easier to project your sales for the month and track information through your shop.

Work In Progress

ProShop Work In Progress allows you to see all the jobs in your shop for a certain time frame. On Screen, you can see aspects of the job such as Sales Person, CSR, PO Number, Selected press to run on, and more. Work In Progress will also show you the estimated Total of income. This is very useful for planning you month. If you know your shop should be doing 300K, and it is the 15th of the month, you only have 100K, you need to get more jobs for the last half of the month. With being able to see and search by the CSR and/or Sales Rep, you have an idea of who is doing what for the month, or any time frame you choose to search. Any search you do can be printed to a report or exported to formats such as PDF or XLS.

Work In Progress also contains all of the stock information for each job run through the system. From here, you can see which jobís stock has or has not been ordered, what vendor it should come from, and what the requirements are for the job. You can also print these requirements to a report or export for spreadsheet analysis. From the stock requirements tab, you can quickly issue purchase orders for each job. You can also issue purchase orders combining the jobs into one PO per vendor.

The Work In Progress module also includes the list of all Outside Purchases included on a job. These items can also be quickly issued to Purchase Order and printed per job, per vendor, or per item!

Work In Progress contains the entire list of jobs created through ProShop! All your information at the click of a mouse can easily tell you where youíve been and were youíre headed! Tools and resources can make purchasing as easy as a click of the mouse with ProShop Management System!


Invoice with simplicity!! ProShop Invoicing is quick and easy. Invoicing provides you with the options to combine multiple jobs on one invoice, use the job number as the invoice number, charge tax or not, etc. By providing a list of jobs in the system and populating the information from the job, you will not have to re-key anything. Youíll have the ability to invoice in batches, invoice 1 at a time, or print multiple copies for your customer, your office, and so forth.

ProShop Invoicing also interfaces with popular accounting packages such as MBA, QuickBooks and Peachtree. With 12 different accounting packages Invoicing interfaces with, you can keep you existing package in place!

ProShop Invoicing stores a history of the invoices in the invoice archive. Now you are able to view all of your invoices at the click of a button. You can quickly print invoices from the archive without have to retrieve. You can also print summary list to display the overall amount, taxes, and freight that was charged.

Customer History

The Customer History module contains a record of all the jobs invoiced the using ProShop. Customer History is a quick, easy way to know what a certain customer did with you in a time frame. You can search by multiple methods including Sales Rep, CSR, Customer, Date Range, or show all the records in history. Customer History provides a report that will allow you to print or export the records in the database. You can also add new records by keying them in. Worried about your previous Customer History records? Call Computer Dynamics and we will review your old records and determine what it will take to import then into ProShop Customer History.

Change Order

ProShop Change Order module allows you to issue change orders for jobs already in the system. Need Additional Plates, a text change, issue a change order for the job and print the ticket to be included with your job ticket. With the ability to issue the change, modify scheduling, invoice with the job, and track the changes with the Job Costing, youíll never forget to bill for the changes necessary.

Purchase Orders

With ProShop Purchase Orders module, creating a purchase order for stock, material, outside purchase, other order entry items, and more is quick and easy. With simple to follow screens, you can easily add an unlimited amount of items to a purchase order to issue to your vendor. Once your shipment is received, you can also put in the amount you received. If there is back order, ProShop can track that for you too. Once completely received, you can archive the PO with the click of the mouse.


The ProShop e-Quote module is also known as Request for Quote. When you are to busy, donít have the capability, or do not want to run the job, you need to farm it out. ProShop e-Quote allows you to put in the specification for the job, as little or as much that is needed. Once completed, you can print out a request for quote for one or multiple vendors. With the ability to export the form, you can also email the request to vendors to get quicker responses. Once you have chosen you vendor, you can create the job and bill it through ProShop!

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