ProShop Order Entry

ProShop Order Entry packages is comprised of three modules that allow your shop to produce quotes and jobs. This allows your shop all the features of quote tickets, job tickets, and other reports for jobs that may not be Sheetfed, Digital, or Web work.

Art / PrePress Order Entry

Art / PrePress Order Entry allows your shop to begin the job process before knowing all of the specs. Maybe you are only doing the artwork for the customer, maybe you are doing all the work. Either way, Art is the starting point of almost every job. With the Art / PrePress module, you can begin the job process. This module will reserve the quote or the job number for you so that it can be later merged into the Single Sheet or Book Estimating system for further production.

The Art / PrePress module includes reports such as; Quote Form, Job Ticket, Proof Ticket, and more!

Bond Copier Order Entry

The Bond Copier module is the an alternative to Digital Printing based on click charge. The Bond Copier module allows you an unlimited amount of copiers setup in the system. Also allows materials to prices in the jobs. Bond Copier is an easy method of pricing for shops that used a matrix price system for digital work. If you are using ProShop Management System Full Package, Bond Copier jobs can be easily tracked within the system in scheduling and job costing.

The Bond Copier module includes reporting capabilities such as quote and job tickets. All of ProShop’s reports can be exported and emailed.

Other Order Entry Module

ProShop Junior Package includes the Other Order Entry module. This module allows user to put jobs into the system that may be buyout jobs, VDP jobs, and so forth. Other Order Entry is just another way ProShop allows you to track the jobs your shop takes in. With reporting capabilities such as quote forms, job ticket, and delivery tickets, Other Order Entry can handle any job your shop may come across!

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