ProShop Management System

ProShop Management System Package is comprised of 14 modules designed to provide your print shop with various information. The Package allows for all modules in the Junior package plus inventory, scheduling, job costing, and more! Click each link to learn more!

The ProShop Management System package includes the following:

ProShop Management System is comprised of four modules that allow you to schedule, control raw and finished good inventory, and track and view job statuses. You can easily follow the progress of a job through your shop and view costing variables to make sure you are making a profit on each job.


ProShop Scheduling allows you to view all of you jobs in the shop from start to finish. Move and minipulate the schedule as needed using the on screen progress table or by clicking and dragging scheduled operations. Update and change estimated time with ease. You can allow estimating to schedule the job for you, or schedule each job individually. With ProShop Scheduling, you can follow all of your work flow and plan your days with the simple click of the mouse.


With ProShop Inventory you can maintain all of your items in one system. Inventory allows you to track your Raw Goods, Non-Stock, and Finished Goods with ease. Reports allow you to view the value of your items on the floor. You can see historical purchase order information and view current items on order. You can also see items that are on Back Order with ease. Inventory is also used in Estimating to allow you pull current stocks you have available. All reports allow you to view, print, and export to various formats including PDF and Excel.

Job Costing

ProShop Job costing takes shop management to the next level. Job Costing allows you to apply production time and cost to each job along with material cost. With the click of a button, you can view Production Analysis, Win/Loss Profit, and Employee Productivity, along with much more information at your finger tips. All report are available for printing and exporting.

Job Status

ProShop Job Status allows you the view the status of a job quickly and easily. Within seconds, you can have information about where the job is in the shop, the current running cost of producing the job, and the expected completion time. You can quickly provide this information on the phone to your customer within seconds.

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